pcsx2 won't recognise the BIOS
So I dumped my BIOS, and that went all fine, worked how it should and so on.

However, when i installed pcsx2, and it configured, on the config screen the BIOS box was blank. I decided to set the BIOS directory to C:/program files/pcsx2/bios... yet it still wasn't detecting it.

I have definitely not tried this with an illegal BIOS.

can anyone help?
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you really think that the PCSX2 staff is that stupid?
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as rama reopened your first thread, i'll close this one, and we'll go on.
now, about thinking we are "stupid" :
Quote:I have definitely not tried this with an illegal BIOS.
that was definitely unnecessary.
you dumped you bios from your PS2 and that's all you need. trying with other bios won't, in 99% cases, change anything.
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