pcsx2r5350.exe has stopped working
it happens in both 1.0 release and latest svn, after 5-10 mins of running. if you need any more logs just say where they are.

pcsx2r5350.exe has stopped working
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: pcsx2-r5350.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 50191438
Fault Module Name: XAudio2_7.dll_unloaded
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4c0641e5
Exception Offset: 6504a5e0
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 00000008
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

.txt   emuLog.txt (Size: 7,29 KB / Downloads: 380)

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