pcxs2 to playstation 2 classic save and back
I was wondering if there is any good complete guide available to convert pcsx2 emulator (ps2) files to Playstation 2 classic saves (vme).

I have searched and found some guides here and there, but I didn't really feel they told me all the steps and therefor I didn't proceed with them. I play some wrestling games with pcxs2 and I would like to put them on my second hand Playstation 2 as well. And if I would feel the need and change a lot of moves on my Playstation 2, I would like to transfer them back to my pcsx2 emulator.

I had a search and I found out that vme is the format a Playstation 2 memory card uses and off course ps2 format of the pcsx2 emulator. So a .ps2 to .vme conversion and a .vme to .ps2 conversion is something I am looking for with steps.

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You can easily transfer saves between PS2 and PCSX2 using the .psu format.

Required programs:
uLaunchElf on the PS2 to access the PS2 memory card
mymc on the PC to access the PCSX2 memory card

You can transfer the files using USB drive or FTP.
Oh really? Can a Playstation 2 read psu files? I will get a Memor32 memory card that I can hook up with a USB cable to my pc in order for save games to be imported and exported.

So, if I would use mymc to open a ps2 file and transfer it to a .psu file I can put it on my Memor32 memory stick with the Save manager of Memor32 and read it on my Playstation 2?
I assume I need uLaunchElf to put the psu file on my memory card in my Playstation 2? I will get a Memor32 memory stick that has a USB interface, so I can put the psu file on the Playstation 2 memory stick with Memor32 Savegame Manager on my pc, so I assume I won't be needing uLaunchElf.

I will be using hd loader of that Memor32 memorycard to start games of my harddisk. And so if I put the psu files on my memory card my Playstation 2 can load those saves?
It doesn't work at all. I converted my pcsx2 .ps2 file into a .psu file with the use of mymc. Unfortunately, my Memor32 save manager doesn't support importing .psu files. Or importing .max files under Windows vista/7 (old software from 2007).

Because of that I used uLaunchElf to access a USB stick to copy the .psu file to my Playstation 2 (scph-50004), but it didn't want to read it at all (it couldn't see it in the game). So, my question still stands, how can I convert a .ps2 file to a file that I can read into my Playstation 2 games? .psu files don't work and although I can see them with uLaunchElf I want to use the save games with my games and .psu files are not read by my Playstation 2.

I read somewhere, you have to have the same directory name as a ID or something, but I couldn't (because of my lack of experience with these things) understand it.
From elsewhere on the internet

Quote:Copy your newly created .PSU file to yout USB device.
Connect your USB device to your PS2
Boot uLaunchELF
Select your .PSU file press R1>COPY
Goto mc1, press R1>psuPaste
Restart PS2 and goto Browser
Copy PS1 game from PS2 memory card to PS1 memory card
(10-04-2013, 08:20 AM)fuzzymillipede Wrote: Copy PS1 game from PS2 memory card to PS1 memory card

Thank you for the reply but this last step I don't understand. Why do I need to copy a Playstation 1 game from a PS2 memory card to a PS1 memory card? I want to use the save games on PS2 games not PS1.
Thank you very much for this explanation. Because now I got it to work and I also I found this guide how to convert downloaded save games into mc ps2 saves. http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/366481

And converting from mc ps2 saves with PS2 Save Builder to .psu files and then importing it into a .ps2 file with mymc.

So, I am helped now thanks again. Also, I can put the .psu files on my ps2 with a USB stick (uLaunchLELF) or using a micro USB cable to connect to my PS2 memory card. And put the ps2 save directory on the memory card with the Memor32 game save manager.

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