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periodic, short freezes in-game
hey guys, i've just recently started using pcsx2 (i've tried it in the past with an ISO, but didn't really play it after the initial trial) and i'm experiencing some issues with a CD game. i have read the compatibility thread and am almost certain that my specs are well beyond that of decent functionality, so i really doubt the issue involves my computer's specs.

essentially, the game functions decently and i haven't really experienced any issues with the graphics or clipping (that i couldn't fix with different config settings). the real issue is this weird, short period of freezing with my game. i'll be running around, and my computer will suddenly stop emitting the sound from the disc being run and the game will freeze up, only for it to resume a few seconds later.

this isn't that HUGE of an issue, but it gets very frustrating and i can only imagine what actual combat would be like (i just started the game and haven't made it up to anything important).

what i really want to know is whether this is an issue with my config settings, or the disc itself. i tried playing with the default settings first, with the freezing issue still there, so i looked up some performance fixes and config settings only to have the issue remain (and, for one setting, get worse).

i just bought the game pre-owned from gamestop today, but i wouldn't doubt them selling me a faulty product anymore. and if it's important, the game is neopets: the darkest faerie (it's a good game okay).

thanks in advance, and i apologize if this issue has been confronted/dealt with before; i couldn't find anything after searching through the forums.

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Make an iso of your game using imgburn. It will take care of the issue.
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yep, works perfectly now. thank you very much for the help!
Not a problem. Smile
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