persona 3 running slow
Hey there, I am having some slowness when playing persona 3. There are quite a few instances where audio and visuals slow down (fps go down to about 42), especially during battles and dialog scenes. I am running the following:

2.33 ghz core2quad, 3.25 gigs ram, 9600 GT graphics, winxp.

Are these specs sufficient to run persona 3 well or am i just going to have to deal with the slow ups. Thanks for any help.

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Using the speedhacks and native res in gsdx may help a bit.

But you'll still have slowdowns with those specs, I'm affraid. Your CPU's a bit weak.
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make sure "Denormals are zero" and "Flush to zero" are all ticked in Config->Advanced, there will be 2 lots of it, tick both.

That should give a nice speed increase if it was off. Failing that, the above will help you.
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