persona 4
spces of my LAPTOP
CPU: Core i5 -430m
VGA: ATI Radeon hd5470 1gb ddr3
i am using a 0.9.7r3113 pcsx2

I am curently playing persona 4 and it is playable the thing is sometimes during dialogues and sometimes in dungeons and battles the background song and their voices gets all laggy and grundgey and the fps drops from 60 to 30 something...what can i do to stop this problem is there a config or patch or plugin or anything to play this game as smooth as possible?

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You can try using "Async mix" synchronizing mode in the SPU2-X sound plugin, won't make the FPS drop better but should make music sound ok.
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well first of all for the down of fps... you can overclock your i5 laptop if its possible.. 2nd.. use native resolution and use spu-x the latest version of the plugin and also the latest version of gsdx

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