play game without disc
can i play the game by saving the ps2 disc... if so please tell me how to do it

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Ehr yeah you can make a ISO of your game, I suggest you get the free ImgBurn program then install/open it and click the "make image file from disc" option and save it as a *.ISO file, once that is done you can load it in PCSX2 by using the Linuz ISO cdvd plugin or in the latest beta by using "file > run iso image" and select the ISO file you created.
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I use Daemon tools lite to make and img of the disc/game then put it in a virtual drive and works perfectly use cdvdGigaherz and select the virtual drive.
it's reduces loading times, get to keep game forever and gets rid of that annoying spinning sound of the disc in the drive
You should not do that, it will cause crashes. Instead of mounting the image, read the image directly with the Linuz ISO plugin.
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I used the free DVD Decrypter to make an .iso of my FFX. I had some problems before but after I used this program it worked like a charm. I think it's always recommend to use an .iso. It's the safest way to guarantee the best possible results, according to your hardware of course.

By the way: Is it recommend to use the new "run iso image" option instead of the plugin in matters of game speed?
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No, they both do the same thing. The Run iso image option was made to totally replace the ISO loading plugins in the future but it has a few bugs for the time being
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