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play mp3 from usb on a ps2
request from my sis. she's got a ps2 (unmodded) and a usb stick with music. she wants to play it back on it.

anybody knows a software or player or tool or exploit that is easily usable?

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You'll have to mod it and use SMS(Simple Media System)
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yeh. i guessed that. i googled that. it's just that the console in too good condition (rarely used by the former owner) to "mess it up" with that. that's what my sis thinks. say... resale value.

i thought there might be some safe "developer exploit" to open it to some usb booting for the player to load, or i'd just need a tool that burns a valid ps2 disc for the player software.

told my sis already... it's not that easy to make it happen. it's just alil lame tho. Smile
it's still really simple to hotswap and install FMCB. You won't brick the console or anything.
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i know it won't brick. and i can't modify it. so i guess the McBoot is the only option. i'll just have to find someone to have a modded ps2 to install it.
Or you could do the disc swap trick if you have one of the games with multiple ELFs.

Personally I used the Network Adapter Startup disc.

I guess you are too far away, else I'd offer that you could mail me a mem card and I'd put mcboot on it and mail it back.
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