players ghosts
I'm having problems with players pes 2012,
players to the game experience for those who are behind is in front, and those who are behind is in front. as if they were ghosts
this happens with the ball as well.

and I'm using the latest new SVN versions.

mSQL grammar errors are the fault of the google translator. because I am Brazilian and translate what I wanted to mention the google translator.

text without translation:

Eu estou tendo problemas com os jogadores do pes 2012,
os jogadores se atravessar durante o jogo, os que estão atras fica na frente , e os que estão na frente fica atras. como se eles fossem fantasmas
isso acontece com a bola também.

e eu estou usando as últimas novas versões SVN.

se ouver erros de gramatica é culpa do google tradutor. porque eu sou brasileiro e traduzi o que eu queria falar no google tradutor.

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not a bug report, moving
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Why you moved my question?
It was moved because you evidently posted it in the bug reports section whereas you should have posted it here. Have you tried software mode to see if that fixes the problem? (press F9 when the game is running)

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