playground builds always gives error when start games
hi when i start up any pg build and do run game it closes. when i open a official svn it runs great. why is the pg builds closing? this never happendbefore.

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Could you be a bit specific: OS, playground revision, game name, plugins and settings.
OS vista ultimate

processor amd fx 62 @ 3ghz
ati 4850
2gigs ddr2 ram

i tryed everysingle plugin avalible and it still crashes.
Try deleting your pcsx2.ini in the /ini folder.I suggest you make a new folder for the playground build though.
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thx i got that fixed. but when i try to laod my memory card. it says theres no data! T_T and when i load my save state to save. it feezes when everi try to save./
Did u select the right memory card? Select the right one by going to memcards under config and clicking on select mcd.

If the save state ur trying to load was saved on a different pcsx2 version/build, it wont work. (didnt for me at least) You have to use memory card.
Exaple: make save state on svn 377, then try to load same save state on svn 394, it wont work.

Also for some games that I've tried, once you load from a save state, it wont let you save on the memory card anymore. If this is one of ur problems then u gotta stick to using either memcards or save states.
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