playing guitar hero 2
Hey, I am trying to play this PS2 game, Guitar Hero 2 on my powerful computer, having a dual core amd athlon 64x2 500+ ( 2.66GHz ) Processor. Now, I installed the program and the BIOS and wheneven it starts up, it starts up quite fine, EXCEPT, whenever I try to play the game, the music and the game itself behaves very jerky and I tried to change the emulation settings and processor settings and still no luck.
Now, what EXACTLY must I change in the emulation settings of the Pcsx2 0.9.6 software, so that it would run flawlessly, I mean, the game starts up fine and I can program my keyboard to act like a guitar hero controller by confuguring the keyboard assigments to the appropriate buttons, but the emulation has flaws which I don't know how to fix.

Any Suggestions?

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Your processor is not powerful for PCSX2. You also did not mention graphics card,plugins used etc etc so we can't help you this way.
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im sorry, i have an amd athlon 64x2 5000+ ( 2.66ghz dual core ) and i have an ati hd 2600xt 512mb ( pci-e ) and i am not sure what plugins to use, or settings, i have no clue, thats why i am posting this
That's why I've wrote this guide...
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well, i need extremly specific settings, i need you to completly tell me step by step, for specificly gh2
there is no specific ones. lower settings are quicker, higher settings look nicer. its a no brainer as with most games.
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well, i dont think i mention that it gets past the menu`s and every thing, it works fine except if im playing a song, it is not possible to hit the notes on time because its so choppy, also, none of my games are working, they all do the same thing

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