playing .iso games
i have pcsx2 set up so it all works, but i want to be able to play my games without needing to insert the disks.

if i have a backup of a ps2 game, say Crash MoM, or breath of Fire DQ, how do i get pcsx2 to accept the image as a playable disk when mounted on virtual clone drive?

mounting the image seems easier than going through the linuzapps iso driver mount thing...

when i use the mounted copy it comes up with the please insert playstation format disk screen


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Did you rip the game properly? And I do think Linuzapps is an easier way.
yeah no i did

ill just flag and use the linuz one haha

thanks anyway
linyzapps reads the ISO directly, theres no need to mount it.
yeah i meant if im mounting it and using the other driver (not the null one...)
If you have an ISO there is no point in mounting it anywhere...just run it directly with linuzappz iso driver
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yeah it seemed like it was probably easier but only like one of my games works anyway and im now playing ff7 on epsxe so im not botherd


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