please HELP

I'm a new user for PCSX2 and I don't know how to use it
I have this problem & Questions I wish you could help me solving it & Answering it
1) Every time I run PCSX2 I get this MSG
" PCSX2 needs to be configured "
and I have to configured it each time I closed PCSX2 and reopen it again without shutting down the windows

1) Can I play using the keyboard without the joystick ( for truth I don't have a joystick and I did not know what is called only by accident ) , if the answer is YES ( HOW ??? )???

2) Do I have tp put the game on the laptob e.g. I have PS2 games CDs I tried to play them but it won't ... do I must convert it to .ISO files to play them ??

3) When I tried to open "need for speed"(which is a game on my laptob) I get this MSG
"Failed loading MemoryCard from file: Memcards\Mcd001.ps2"
"Failed loading MemoryCard from file: Memcards\Mcd002.ps2"
and then the game start
What's the problem here ??

4) If I want to save the game (the progress) how to save it ??

This is my laptob information tell me if it good to use PCSX2 0.9.6

Processor: Intel® Celeron® CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz 2.19GHZ
Installed memory (RAM): 1.00GB
System type: 32-bit operating system
Windows 7 professional

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have you tried running PCSX2 as administrator? (right click menu i mean, not user account)
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I'm the administrator

this is my personal laptop and there is only one user(one account) which is me

but I will try and I will let you know
Problem sovled Thanks to you
Thank UBlush

OK now How to play ??

the keyboard still not working

if there anyone answering my Questions I will be very thankful
I think you should really have a look at the PCSX2 Configuration Guide, the answers to your questions and many others are in there, such as how to run games from an actual DVD and configure the controller. This is the English one, but it's available in many languages in here.
I read the guide and I have problem with LX,LY,RX,RY I can't choice every time I click on it it shows Timeout:10 and start counting down and I tried to select button but it still counting down Huh

one more thing how can I speed up the game running cause it's kinda slow ?????Blink
Not sure about the controller thing. As for the speed, it will be slow as the emulator is still in its infancy and all recent-generation emulators need very powerful computers. If you go to Config > Emulation Settings > Speedhacks, you'll find a few settings that will speed things up a bit, but they can also cause problems with many games since they make the emulation process inaccurate.
It kinda speed it up a little bit Thank you

Is any one know what's the problem with the controller >>???

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