please help can't run pcsx2
hi, i've read the configuration guide and follow the instructions. After the configuration is done, i get an error msg: could not load GS Plugin "plugins":<NULL>. Look like i need others plugins or someting like that? i'm using .9.6 version

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Couple things:
Have you updated your DirectX?
If your using Vista, run the program in administrator mode.
Also you should post your cpu specs, Pcsx2 requires a decent pc to run well.
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post your plugin config. here.
first try with the sse2 version of GSdx
Alright, updated the DirectX. It's Ok now with the issue. but a new issue just came up again.
after i click on "run", here come the new erros messages:
1) Failed loading MemoryCard from file: mcd001.ps2 and mcd002.ps2 (thus, i have these 2 files in the memory folder)
2) Error opening CDVD plugin.

btw, i'm running on windows vista with
Intel quadcore q6600 @2.4ghz
Run it as ADministrator. The PCSX2 exe file.

Happened to my friends laptop yesterday.
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(03-24-2009, 11:26 PM)Syberproxy Wrote: Run it as ADministrator. The PCSX2 exe file.

I'm running it as Administrator.
you sure? (right click->run as admin, are you doing that?)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
just like Luis said.. Are you sure????

You must be doing something not right or there is a problem with your OS if running it as ADministrator does not work....
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Reconfig back your memcard at. Memcard setting on pcsx2 and if you use an iso game make sure you did take it at your plugin setting example linuzcdvd plugin.
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