pls help, what seams to be the problem for this?
I am using pcsx2 0.9.5 couse somewhy i cant run 0.9.6, anyway
i have a good pc

Processor 1.8 ghz Quad - Core
4 gb RAM
Gforce 9600

im using Windows XP sp2

but most of the games have very low fps, the only game that worked perfect
was Final Fantasy X, Wild Arms 4 is working not bad either but its still laging,
Xenosaga 2 is completely not playable, its 10 times slower than it should be..
and most of the games are like this.. oh and Dragon Quest 8 works perfect too.

i tryed all kinds of configuration, its just not posible that configuration is the problem cuz i tryed mixing everything everyway..

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Quote:I am using pcsx2 0.9.5

No support for old versions
Quote:somewhy i cant run 0.9.6, anyway

why ? give more precisions

Quote:i have a good pc

Wrong. You have a weak cpu for pcsx2 (1.8ghz is slow)

If you can, overclock it to 2.4 ghz. it may help you
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well its 1.8 but its quad core man
pcsx2 support 2 cores and yes its weak for pcsx2
use the latest beta, try some speed hacks, that's about the best you're gonna do
thnx for the help, so bad that i sold my ps2..
Then you no longer have a legal BIOS, sorry but dont expect any more support here.
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