plugin to play to GT4 with logitech dfp
I have download the version 0.9.6 r2186 and I would now want to know what plugin I must use for exploiting to the best the steering wheel (logitech dfp) with GT4.
Do you help me?

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Just a heads up, there isn't any real support for SVN builds, especially those downloaded from a third party website. The latest released version is beta 1888.

That said, the best pad plugin (the one updated most regularly) is lilypad and it should work fine for your wheel.
[Image: 2748844.png]
ok, therefore Lillypad (r2080) should be the plugin to use for the steering wheel. but can the FFB be activated?
Does nobody know me to say if the FFB of my steering wheel can be activated?
I don't think it can. For DFP to work there should be USB plugin but there isn't any at this time. Maybe sometime in the future.

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