plugins for all the low end pc's out there
I was just wondering it anybody has though of designing a type of plugin that purposely lowers game quality to increase the overall performance, I can understand the main goal for plugin programmers is to get as close t or better then "the real thing" and that's great for those who have a high end computer, but some people don't have high end computer or have the cash to buy a new one. personally, my computer is pretty weak and I own a ps2 so I only use the pcsx2 to hack games and create action replay max codes or power saves. so I don't need grand graphics, just a smooth gameplay and the ability to dump the memory during this game play. so I think the ability to ignore textures, render less polygons or even limit the sigh distance should be added to display plugins (all other plugins can just be disabled) if this is impossible, just let me know, if not, take it as a suggestion for future plugin releases.

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All the optimizations you mentioned are common to pc games only. In emulation, we cannot alter things like texture sizes or draw distances.
From the limited things we can do, we gave users a few: The speedhacks Smile
thx rama, it makes sense, now this next idea is way out there and I have absolutely no idea if this is even close to possible. if I have the game's iso folder, is it possible to edit the game files to reduce the quality of it's textures or polygons?
Sure that's possible. And a very hard job as well.
But the fps would only increase slightly, if at all.
So nope, not a good idea Tongue2
thx rama, I think I'll try and do some experimenting for now. keep up the good work
Reducing texture quality would not be good idea -- transferred data block consists usually from several textures (form 2 to 20 at 4Mb block), so to gain a bonus you should redone transfer logic, otherwise you transfer the same block with unused data. Even more, there is usually "overlapped" textures at data block.

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