plzzzzz help fast
plz help me WackoWackoWackoWackoWackoWackoWacko

i download
LilyPad 0.9.11 Plugin Binary to be ableto play with more than 2 players

but when i downloaded it and run port1 and 2 and i made the option & i came to play i didn't see (player3)&(player4)(..........
so what mistak i did it

plz answer me fastUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsureUnsure

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plz gays i want the answer fast
Check the "pport 1/2 multipad" option.
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Provide some pics of your Lilypad config, then we could help.
there are some pics of your Lilypad config :
(06-26-2009, 10:54 PM)thenoblefighter Wrote: there are some pics of your Lilypad config :

btw, there are better hosters for images like tinypic e.g. and this forum even got its own hosting service for attachments like images or archives.
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is there any 1 download them and see them
Sorry, but personally I don't go through the RS waiting thingy just to download a few pics, but I recommend you to try out the newest public beta plugin available:

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