pnach file assitance
Any have a good video link ( youtube or similar ) that gives a good tutorial on how to create a pnach file.

its been a few years since I made one and I think I'm making mistakes and since I find a visual aid very usefull I wonder if anyone knows of a good one for version 1.6.0 ?

I find a couple on youtube but the most recent was for 1.4.0 .

What the guide was making reference to was the following.
1) Get cheat codes
2) Convert code in Omni Convert
3) Get CRC32 code for game on PCSX2
4) Use PCSX2 Cheat Converter
5) Use notepad top save cheats as CRC32.pnach file
6) activate cheats

I tough it was pretty much self explanatory but somehow my pnach file doesn't work so obviously I'm doing something wrong.

Now if anyone is curious I'm trying to make a pnach for jade cocoon 2

CRC isĀ 0x2DC128CE ( yes, I know I do not need the 0x but I figured what the heck I'll put it all just in case )

Here is a copy of the PNACH I made

comment=Jade Cocoon 2

All seedbeast

The RAW codes are
FA7A006E 32C6B009

All seedbeast
40879ABC 008B0001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

So long story short is I think I'm converting the codes wrong but can't seems to figure out how so any help will be appreciated.

And for those curious the reason I'm going for all seedbeast code is because this game as a known glitch were 4 seedbeast to not generate.

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In case this also helps I keep getting this message on the log.

Elf entry point @ 0x00100008 about to get recompiled. Load patches first.
Not found Cheats file: C:\Users\Marc\Documents\PCSX2\cheats\2DC128CE.pnach
Overall 0 Cheats loaded

I did save the pnach file to documents/pcsx2/cheats and got a check next to enable cheats so why is it not detecting the cheat file ?

And as per this here
(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLUS_203.09;1
(SYSTEM.CNF) Software version = 1.01
(SYSTEM.CNF) Disc region type = NTSC
found 0 symbols
ELF (cdrom0:\SLUS_203.09;1) Game CRC = 0x2DC128CE, EntryPoint = 0x00100008
(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLUS_203.09;1
(SYSTEM.CNF) Software version = 1.01
(SYSTEM.CNF) Disc region type = NTSC

I do have the correct CRC code so I'm at a loss here what am I doing wrong ?
One thing I recalled is back when I used PCSX2 is do get a pnach file to work I needed to use Omniconvert to get the codes to their raw state and then another program.
I believe it was called AR max or something like that but I can't recalled the name exactly.

For that reason I believe the guide I found on youtube yesterday might be short a step.

Not to be annoying but if anyone can help I would truly appreciate it.
Here is what I found:

Here are more codes:
Well this is very interesting.

The link you shared with me had an attach pnach file and when I compare it with the pnach file I made I found out that despite me renaming it to crc#.pnach file the file properties still shows it as a note pad document.

This would explain why PCSX2 would keep indicating it found no cheat file because all this time the file is not in the correct format.

Anyways I'll look into it more later right now I have to be somewhere but thank you very much dhillel as I strongly believe you just showed me with I was doing wrong here.
Ok, so I had a bit more time before going to I looked it over and so far things seems to be making sense but I have a problem with the format of the file.

Despite all my attempts I cannot change the stupid .txt format to a .pnach format
I made a quick search and found this topic about pnach files for newbs

but either its going over my head or its not addressing my issue of how to convert a .txt into a .pnach because just renaming the file doesn't do it.
Alright final post it as the issue is now resolved.

So long story short windows "Hide extension for known files" was the problem here.
As soon as I turned it off BAM everything fell into place as I could change that dang .txt into a .pnach and now its running smooth as butter.

Thanks for anyone who read it and and again big thank you to you dhillel you saved the day.

I will definitely keep that link you gave me on hand as I was making a mistake in the game title as I was missing the [SLUS 20309] (U) [CA91718B] part.

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