pnach generator/writer
is there a way add a CRC pnach creating feature on future rxxxx build??
instead making on your notepad otherwise a chances of mistype spelling of the CRC.
could be more convinient in the future version.

or stay the old fashion method:
0.9.6--->Run CDVD--->Suspend game(ESC)---[Misc-->patch browser]--->[pnach writer-->({CRC Auto-detected}[InsertGametitle+comment])Save]--->Exit emulator-->transfer created pnach file to the cheats folder of the newest rxxxx--->edit cheats under notepad.
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Ummm PCSX2CE and why would you ever type CRC manually? You do know you can select and copy text from the log? This means you can copy crc too, and you don't really need to use 0.9.6 for that... all pcsx2 versions show game CRC in the log... O.o

Anyway sooner or later the whole thing about pnach files will be changed or at least I heard(read;P) that's one of the plans for the future improvement, it's simply not soo important.

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