pnach request FFX us
ok I have searched and searched and tried different tools but just cant seem to get my cheats working.

here are the cheats i would like to see working.

yuna have all black magic
1ABF3D19 0000FFFE
0ABB3AD4 0000000F

chocobo always low time
1A39A921 00000000

any one of the infinit or max gil cheats

Infinite Gil 1A613D30 0000FFFF
2 Max Gil 2A93137D 05F5E0FF
3 Max Gil (After Using Some) 1A94CB06 0000ACA3

the albhed language translated

these are code breaker codes not yet decrypted for the version of the game i use. which has a crc bb3d833a.

if someone could creae me a working patch file for these i would appreciate it.

i have readl alot of guides but yet something must be wrong and im tired of searching and trouble shooting for this.

thanks in advance.

EDIT: Scratch that I just figured out what i was doing wrong.Can delete this thread. now to figure out where my aspirin is cause this was a pain in my head.

for anyone who may look before it gets deleted i was using omniconvertr and pcsx2 cheat converter.

in omni converter under the input tab i changed codebreaker version from 7+ to 1+ then I changed any of the raw otput numbers that started with a 1 or a 2 changed them to 0. now it appears to be working.

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can you post a pnach, i would like the same cheats

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