porting emulator to ps3?
is it possible to port this emulator to run on the ps3? now that we can run homebrew on it?

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I guess it would be possible, but only if you have linux os installed. Im not sure if thats allowed anymore though, not up to date on that subject.
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I don't think it would be quite that simple, the cell processor is extremely complex. As far as I know, even the devs making games for the system still haven't been able to fully take advantage of the power of the processor. Its also why a few have jumped ship to 360/wii development as it is far, far simpler.

And with regards to the OtherOS feature which was removed, in there you could only access two of the 8 cell cores, I believe. So unfortunately I don't think its going to happen any time soon, which sucks.
I guess you could try and find one of the older PS3s which shipped with the Emotion Engine chip still in? Then again, it would be cheaper just to buy a ps2 Tongue2
In the future when we know something about the console, it might be possible, however at the moment it isnt. The port will probably also be very slow due to only having an interpreter (unless someone is daring enough to write a PS3 recompiler, not that porting the emu in the first place isnt a big enough job!) so i wouldnt expect big things even if it does get done.

Hell, it'd be funny tho Tongue
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