porting ps2 games to pc with pcsx2
i've plaied prince of persia and resident evil 4 on my pentium 4 pc. but i will never be able to play final fantasy x or god of war, for example, unless i buy a better machine (or a ps2, of course)

then i thought about another way to emulate those games. is there a way to convert psx2 isos to a format it won't run anymore in a psx2 but could run in a pc? i guess a game could have its data changed to tune its performance in another systems, and could solve the problem with multi-core emulation

could new versions of pcsx2 port games to x86 architecture?

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so where did you get you bios from if you don't own a ps2?
edit: from anywhere but your own ps2 it's piracy
no emulator can port games. you need to compile the original source code in the format it's required in, but i can guarentee there are many heavy modifications required to the original code for each individual system.

tl;dr version:
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doesn't an emulator look like an interpreter? couldn't an emulator compile all the game previously, instead of interpreting it in real time? for example, the graphics are in a format native to ps2. if the meshes are changed to opengl or directx formats, the emulator wouldn't need to convert those, saving cpu processing. or the audio and graphics could be extracted and optimized for single core processor. think about loading in old cd consoles. instead of emulating all the work of the psx2 architecture, the emulator could rearrange all the data previously to running it.
it's alot more work than it's worth, especially cause the formats are used differently by each game.
Remember how long it take for a COMMERCIAL game company to port A SINGLE GAME console game to PC game or vice versa? and it still has problem after porting.. @ OP, if you have programming knowledge, you can try.. =D

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