possible performance increase concept?
In PC Gaming popular frame rates are arounf 25 - 40 FPS. they are Ideal frame rates for highter graphics. us PC gamers seem to manage fine with it.
and I was just playing kingdom hearts 2 and getting an unstable frame rate flickign from 55 to 75 FPs and I thought. would it be possibel to double the game speed and half the frame rate to increase the stability of the games FPS and not get extremely slow gameplay.
would this be possible?
would this be worth it?
would this be a good Idea?

please discuss your views :3 and if anyone knows how to do this then I am listening! XD

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Turn on frameskip in the CPU options, that's what that does.

That said, PC games are different in 2 very major ways...

#1: PC games are not designed to run only at a specific frame rate. They are designed to run 60/50fps (depending on region) or some factor of those numbers (15, 30 or 60 usually for NTSC; 12.5, 25, 50 for PAL). Console games, however, are. You'd have to specifically rewrite the graphics code for PS2 games to support this. There ARE a few exceptions to this... Several PS2 and GCN games have unlocked framerate counters. Specific examples that come to the top of my head are SotC for PS2, and StarFox adventures for GCN... In those games, you can "underclock" the PS2 graphics by setting VU cycle steal to high... in which case the games compensate by skipping more frames. The vast majority of games aren't designed this way and will simply slow down the entire game to maintain that 60fps.

#2: The main thing slowing down emulated PS2 games is not the amount of graphics rendered, but rather the emulating of the PS2 itself. Merely skipping frames doesn't mean that you are skipping the processing of all the data associated with them... All you are doing it not rendering the final product. If you have a great CPU, but a terrible GPU this will give you a noticable speed up... but the vast majority of people aren't having that issue since even a moderate GPU renders PS2 games fine.
#2 I knew thank you though :3

#1 I knew to an extent thought the extended knowledge is a help thank you :3
25-40 FPS for PC gaming not popular, 60FPS yes! if enable AA 16x AF16x and will be cool Laugh
Was going to mention that. At 25fps any 3d game is lag hell. I'd just uninstall it at that point, kthx Tongue2

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