post Sword of destiny cheat for pcsx2 here please!
Hi everyone if you know cheat for sword of destiny for pcsx2 please post here....

Tian Xing Swords of Destiny !!!!

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and of course please tell my how control game too
Um... I seriously hope you own a legal copy of that game. Because piracy is not tolerated on these forums.

Assuming you do, I do have some codes I can put into a pnach file, probably.

edit: on the assumption this thread'll be locked before long...

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat

//Unnamed Cheat
Very thank you but.... Unnamed cheat....!?
by the way do you know about controller?i only find control for normal attack about speacial attack?
do you know where can i download walkthrough?
Look. Do you have a copy of the game in a box. A legal copy on a disc? Because if you downloaded it off the internet, I'm not actually allowed to help you.
oh i bought DVD...someone tell me it legal but i don't think i believe that....
(05-14-2012, 07:25 AM)vithchea Wrote: oh i bought DVD...someone tell me in legal but i don't think i believe that....

*sigh* I'm going to assume the best. You need to boot the game in PCSX2, and check the log file for:

(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLUS_217.82;1
(SYSTEM.CNF) Software version = 1.00
(SYSTEM.CNF) Disc region type = NTSC
ELF (cdrom0:\SLUS_217.82;1) Game CRC = 0xDEDC3B71, EntryPoint = 0x00100008
(SYSTEM.CNF) Detected PS2 Disc = cdrom0:\SLUS_217.82;1

That is for Persona 4. The CRC is 0xDEDC3B71 the game disc is SLUS_217.82;1

So boot your game and find the CRC and game disc. I need them to create a cheat file.
I dont think i understand you here...but it's ok now since i already make those work...(some)
you can say i'm the new one for PS2 so will you tell me what happen to Swords of destiny?i search everywhere but it's seem like that game doesn't exist....why?
first off there was a place to ask for cheats, this is not it.
second, you provided no info on what you actually wanted
third, since the game in japanese, no one can really know exactly what the codes do, unless you can read japanese

first, don't witch hunt
second, our responsibility as members is to help, not to judge.
(05-14-2012, 12:07 PM)Saiki Wrote: first, don't witch hunt

Please let us do our job Saiki, but thank you, you are right. Please do not witch hunt else we will start handing out warnings. If you have a problem with somebodies post, hit the report button in the bottom right of the post in question, don't try and be a moderator.

my apologies vithchea, continue.
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