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preference Saving/Loading
if this has been talked about i am sorry, i did search first,

preference Saving/Loading

i want to beable to save preferences for my ps2 games instead of configuring each time, lets face it GT4 uses different configurations then final fantasy x. it would be neat to make a config and save it , load it for when i want to play the game after ive changed it because ive played another game

dont get me wrong im not saying it needs to be done like tomorrow, i cant thank you pcsx2 programmers enough for an amazing emulator.
just posting in hopes that this topic will be remembered and worked on if anyone has the time to do it, i would try but i am only limited to java,c++ and websites.
hopefully im not alone in this area, i tend to play a bunch of ps2 games on pcsx2

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Tried this??? Laugh
epic, i promise i searched for like 30 minutes lol was searching preference saving though, Doh! thanks for finding it
crazy that is more complicated then clicking the mouse, thanks though,

but what im talking about is 2 buttons in the emulation settings save config - load config.
its easier then manually making a configuration file, or using outside programs

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