problem grafico final fantasy 12 help pls
hello, I'm doing super slow the game final fantasy 12, the configuration I think the well, by default as it comes, I'm new to this program and I'm not even familiar with, would welcome some advice, also in the films is greatly more thanks

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Since you are new, it is a good idea that to take a look at the FQA and the configuration guide.


If you still can't figure it out after reading them, you may want to post your pc spec and your pcsx2 settings you've tried for the game so that we have a better idea about the problem.
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mi pc: AMD phenon II X3 720 procesador
De 4 GB de RAM
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Then add the options as I have in the program
I have the latest version of pcsx2 0.96.2
during the game I tried to change some options and leaving it unchanged again as they were before
I hope this information would be helpful and give a solution thank you very much

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Why on earth did you disable VU0rec??? Enable it! If you have Vista or Windows 7 set GSdx renderer to DX10 Hardware, if you have XP set Pixel shader to 3 and check Log Z
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The VU recs in CPU options should always be enabled, so enable the VU0rec you got disabled somehow.

For the rest you should get enough speed with those settings but if it's still too slow you may want to try the latest beta and plugins:
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VU0rec be activated simply because corrijio the problem, as is evident not understand anything about programming and even with the guidance I have trouble finding the right keys, I am very grateful for the help, even so the movies are not good but is nothing less ,
my OS is XP Home updated.
indeed a great job of thanking everyone for what you do here, is very accomplished and I hope it improves even more

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