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problem in pcsx2 with God of war
hi every one....
I have pcsx2 and GOD OF WAR PS2NinjaNinjaNinja
its work normal....
but its slow slow speed
and its images like these:

[Image: a-e14fa6bc61.jpg]
how I can limit speed please
and thnx to allBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

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... this post says almost nothing... okay well it says three things...
2. you apparently are not satisfied with the picture quality...
and 3. that God of War is slow... XD

for the slow and picture part try using GSDX SSE2
for the problem of your post.... please post your pc specs, the plugins you use, and if you use any speedhacks! ah and I almost forgot... try to attach the picture as thumbnail... so that it does not cover the whole screen

and besides.... limited is normal configuration if you have not limited frames... than you have altered the config your self...... (or aren't using the latest pcsx2 0.9.6 ... if you want it get it on )
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YO-GI-OH just download pcsx2.0.9.6 ...this vrsion has solved the veu problems and all this old problems .. and you need the new gsdx gow is completely playable.,.,.and god ow war 2 is fine but need the same specification than software mode but in hardware mode...the famous loop effect something like that
i cant move in this arrow keys appear to be locked...same with analog movement keys...nothing...any tips?
That seems to be a long dead thread and yet suffer the same lack of information the original post shone on. Still it shows you did some search and because of it deserves an answer. The following must not be seen as admonishment but hints, as intended.

Yes, some tips applies

Give us information enough to understand the issue. As it is now it's the same as to ask "why my car does not move?" it may be anything, from empty on fuel to the driver forgetting to turn on the ignition, passing by every possible real issue.

The minimal information you should provide includes the machine specs, it may be just not up to the task
The Emulator version and plugins used, preferably with screenshots of them.
The post suggests you don't have the input plugin or it is not configured at all. I can imagine you are trying a joypad because the reference to the analog stick although it seems to refer to keyboard in a first glance. Yet there is no real hint if it's just the control or the whole thing is unplayable.

sorry but without providing enough information you are losing precious time.
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No Problem here it goes:
Windows 7
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.00GHz
3.00GB ram usable
GF 9600gt

Bios: PS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.bin
Game Controls Screen Shot:

P.S. I play DBZ BT3 with no problems and im sure that God of War MUST work on my least the 1st part of the game...
edit: if u need anything else i could ss that too for u...thank you
No, no, it's not that, you need to click Config in the GUI -> Controllers (PAD) -> Plugins settings. I'll assume you are using the LilyPad and do have an USB ps2 clone joypad... let the first page on the defaults for the while and open the "Pad 1" tab
It should bring an window where you can bind the buttons, just click one button in the right part and action the correspondent in the actual pad, it must create an entry for each bind in the left of the window...

That should be enough for now, one problem at a time...

It's not the actual files what tell us something but which ones are being used indeed and how they are configured.

The machine specs told me you have one that can play most games, I don't have this game but know it's hardy on the machine, still you should be able to get it going and eventually tweak it to the best possible playability.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I guess this is it Smile

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