problem running it.
Hi, i'm new to forums in general, not sure how i should go about this. but im having problems running pcsx2. i have the r5350 version. when i start the emulation, the screen pops up, but it's all black, and i can still hear the sounds. anyone know how to fix this?

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Are you using GSdx? Check in 'Config' 'Plugin/BIOS Selector'. You might be using ZeroGS. Make sure GSdx is selected
Make sure GSdxnull is not selected.
i have 3 available Gsdx; SSE2, SSE41, and SSE3. i have SSE2 selected.
What are your pcsx2 settings(especially GS)and what are your GSdx settings
couldn't figure out how to take a picture of my GSdx settings, so i'll just type it out.
Renderer: Direct3D9(hardware)
Interlacing (F5): none
Original PS2 resolution: native is checked
Enable Shade boost: unchecked
Texture filtering: the box is filled in, but it isn't a check, it's a square filling up the check box.
Logarithmic Z: checked
Allow 8-bit texturs: unchecked
Alpha correction (FBA): checked
Enable HW hacks: unchecked
Extra rendering threads: 0
Edge anti-aliasing (AA1) unchecked

also, how do i add images to this? so i can show my emulation settings, that's what you were asking for, right vsub?
What game are you trying to play?
Did you change any of the settings in Config=>Emulation Settings
Im trying to play persona 3, the original one. and the only thing i change in the emulation settings is what level he preset is on.
right now it's set to preset 1.

I won't be able to respond till later, but if you think you know what it is, please post. i need to go for a bit.
Preset 1 is disabling all hacks(even the recommended),disable the Preset option,enable only the recommended hacks and enable(if it's not)System=>Automatic Gamefixes

Are you getting this black screen while the intro of the game is running or(did you tried pressing start)?
Ok, disabled preset and put on the reccomended hacks. auto-gamefixes is on. and still nothing. and it's just a black screen, it's there for ther sound of the playstation starting. and it just stays there. even when the game music starts playing.

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