problem trying to find address for persona 4
i have encounter some problem trying to find the exp to next level address for persona 4. i have try patch finder with EE/IOP, 8/16/32/63 bit and none seem to find the right address. then i try cheat engine and still nothing. using
PCSX2 9.6

i think i am missing something here. someone help plz? thank you

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Strange,I find the code really easy(btw I'm not 100% sure but I think the game have limit how much exp you can get after battle...the max is 65535)
ok the mwx exp gain per battle is in 16 bit, but i am looking for main character's EXP TO NEXT LEVEL address not how many exp u gain after a battle
The "EXP TO NEXT LEVEL" in most games(and maybe this one too)is just how much exp till you reach the amount of exp needed to certain number of exp points.For example:
You have 10exp(this is not displayed)
To level up you need to have 25exp(also not displayed)
The game display that you need 15exp more to level up.

Also that game calculates how much exp to give you depending on the level you are.
ah crap this is whut i am afraid is would be like. i just wanna spam level my persona -.-
Try searching like this.
After the battle you get for example 20exp so the value of the total exp is increased by 20
it work, i found the characters exp amount. but .... the entire search that started was for persona's exp and i can't seem to find it

OH I SEE NOW personas gain exp at different rate than character, ok i found it now
hey vsub pls help me find value with cheat engine, i am really sad cause nothing works, just the money value i found... Sad
i need exp for char and persona but it doesnt work.

Look thats how i do it: Cheat Engine 6.1 all memory scaned on, 4 bytes
Than the usual stuff . (choose psx2, start game etc. )

Ok than i go to castle with main char alone (easy enemies )
i am level 44 Next Level 4393

1. first fight: 21 exp (while there is the window, where my reward after battle is shown i type in cheat engine "21" )
2. Next fight: 46 exp (i type "46" ) adrss found 1
3. i change it to 9000 + freeze and wait for next fight ---> no 9000 exp just useless 87 exp -.- why?

second time i tried this i didnt even found a value -.-

lets try sth. with items ( change it to byte)
and scan it, result: works ! 99 items of that kind now

but still no exp cheat =(
pls master vsub help me poor man overcome this crisis...

Protip for finding cheats... If exact values don't work, try relative searching... Often times what's displayed isn't what's really going on behind the scenes.
Ok this will be kinda long explanation

Seregon Wrote:u know so many secrets about cheat engine

No I don't,I've never used cheat engine,I'm using ArtMoney

Seregon Wrote:there was nothing in internet about it how to get exp in persona 4 with cheat engine, so how did u know that? ^^ (is it cause i skipped tutorial? Laugh)

I didn't search for how to get exp code for Persona 4 with cheat engine,I just searched for codebreaker codes for Persona 4 and it was really easy to find it.

Seregon Wrote:are there other ways to get exp? like there is the value until next level
8134 atm i am finaly level 51 after one battle in castle lol
i went to status--> main char --> scanned the value 8134 -->than switched char to yosuke 4415 he needs, scanned that too --> switch chie 4424 value --> got one adress

You won't find anything that way...that way you'll probably find(if there is a code for this)what is displayed but actually don't change anything.

On most of the game the "Remaining EXP till next level" is just info and by changing it you won't accomplish anything.

To find the EXP real address(how much exp you have now)you must use(if cheat engine have such a thing)the "value increased by"

For example before the battle you need 1500exp to level up and after the battle you need 1000exp to level up.Since you don't know how much exactly exp you have now,first you search for unknown value(4 bytes value is always bets when you are searching for something like money or exp).After the battle you need 1000 more exp to level up,so your next search will be "value was increased by" 500.Doing this will lead you to the actual exp that you have and changing it to 9999999 for example,after one battle(if the max exp is 9999999)you level up to max level.

BTW this in this game the lv have nothing to do with how powerful you'll be,it just gives you more HP and SP and the ability to equip high level personas.
Your stats depends entirely on what persona you equip...and your equipment.

As a general rule,most games keep characters info(exp,lv,atk,def and so on)close,most of the time it's two addresses ahead(and btw the persona stats are almost never what you see...they are two type of addresses,one is the actual address for the atk for example and one for the bonuses that you get sometimes after battle)

The Personas on the main character are slot based.
If you have equipped Izanagi for example and then equip Horus and exit from the Parsona choosing window,the first persona(Izanagi)will become second and the one that you choose to equip will become first and all of the addresses(values)that have info for the Izanagis stats and skill will be changed to the values of Horus skills and stats

Slot 1 Persona
20797F8E - this is 1 byte value because there are less than 255 personas in this game
20797F90 - one byte because the max level is 99
Skill 1
20797F98 - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 2
20797F9A - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 3
20797F9C - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 4
20797F9E - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 5
20797FA0 - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 6
20797FA2 - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 7
20797FA4 - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
Skill 8
20797FA6 - two bytes value because there are more than 255 skills in this game
20797FA8 - one byte because the max stats is 99
20797FA9 - one byte because the max stats is 99
20797FAA - one byte because the max stats is 99
20797FAB - one byte because the max stats is 99
20797FA0C - one byte because the max stats is 99
Slot 2 Persona
20797FBE - the game have 12 slots for personas and each slot is 30(in hex 48 in dec)addresses ahead.The next will be 20797FBE + 30(in hex)=20797FEE

The stats and skills are also the same,just use simple calculation.
From Slot 1 Persona to LV,the difference is +2.From LV to skill 1 is +8,from skill 1 to skill 2 is +2(this is because the values are 2 bytes and they are using 2 one byte addresses for the skill)and from skill 8 to ST is 2 again but since the stats are less than 255(one byte values is 1-255),those stats are using only one address...+1

Now for the characters...for them is the same thing but they have only one slot for persona

Yosuke Persona stats start from 00796EA6(this is the same as the Persona slot 1...the character persona)and +88(in hex)is the next character you get in the game...Chie.
From Chie +88(in hex)you'll get Yukiko,then +88(in hex)you'll get Rise,then +88(in hex) the next character(that's how it works in this game)

The Persona stats(differences between addresses)of the other characters are the same as on the main character.
Yosuke Persona
Skill 1

BTW in this game the HP and SP is fixed and not can't set 999 HP and 999 SP then save and when you load the game to have 999 HP/SP again.The game uses fixed values depending on the character level

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