problem with cheats in Persona 4
so i tried turning on an exp multiplier specifically for the persona, like so


the problem is, after it's activated, every single party member gets a huge exp multiplier (not what i was looking for) and now i cant seem to get it to stop, even if i disable the cheats or remove the pnach file from the cheats folder. what the heck ?

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Try saving to the memory card,restart pcsx2 and load the memory card save(of course with cheats disabled)
cool that seems to have done the trick. thanks mate
To resolve the immediate problem (with luck), do a normal save to a memcard, quit the emulator to erase the memory and reload the game from that memcard save.

This kind of cheat becomes persistent because the sstate saves the memory and since you "corrupted" it the corruption is saved as well.

The normal save (memcard) saves only the information the game needs to restore the character status, and in your specific case, the XP multiplier is not one the things that is saved. So the game will load in a clean environment as it is on the DVD image (ISO) which is never touched.

I can't suggest a value to replace the 0002B200 there for I don't know how the game process the multiplier.

Now a final warning. Although the code is correct there you should replace the ,word, for ,extended, ... that's because the extended uses that first digit 2 at the address as the information that the second hex number there is of "word" length or 4 bytes.

That explicit usage of operand length is deprecated by now and kept for backward compatibility but can lead to nasty errors, besides it is very limited and should be avoided to use with the newer and more consistent "extended" that is able to deal with almost all codes you get on the net, after being converted to raw, where needed.

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