problem with ds3 not respond to pcsx2... please enlight me..
Hye guys and @Scarlet.crush.. i have 2 questions :

1) is it's okey if i dont use bluetooth dongle because i play it using laptop and already have bluetooth but how can i connect it using internal bluetooth laptop or i must using bluetooth dongle?? here i attach it

2) why my pad1 didn't have binding after i install pcsx2.. i'm using ds3 controller.. why should i do?? what shown at ur tutorial  #2.613   doesn't shown same result at my laptop.. i'm using laptop acer win 7.. here i attach it

can some one help me??  Sad Sad Sad

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=57640]    

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=57641]    

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=57642]   

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You need to add bindings by yourself. Lilypad doesnt support automapping of controls. Go to second tabpage of lilypad settings to add your maps.

You can use your bluetooth adapter if it is supported.

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