problem with fatal frame 3
Hel e.body !!! I have problem with fatal frame 3.

"cannot find game data on memory card (8mb) (for Playstation 2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1"

Then no options and nothing happens when I press any of the buttons.why ?

fps 55-60, no speed hacks/game fixes only default settings.I know that the game is ntsc, so usa bios 2.0 etc ... All fatal frame games are working fine.The iso is no damaged.Serial is correctly with compatibility list : SLUS 21244 and im using the new beta emulator (0.9.7)

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List your settings and plugins. Also try formatting your memory card by selecting No disc in CDVD and booting into the BIOS
Edit: and this is not a bug report, moved to general discussion
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i exchanged(+formated) the memory cards and thadaaaa the game is working Laugh + must use lilipad plugin because the game cannot working with sspsx pad plugin (X button)

thanks the quick answer Smile

my second problem : when the game is starting (after new game) nothing happening(now loading and after black screen).if im using spu2-X audio plugin the game working fine Smile is this good ?
You have to use the latest beta for the game to work (works fine in default settings then):

Also as bositman mentioned before, show us your settings so we can help better.
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plugin settings :::
plugins --->
gsdx --->
audio --->
pad --->
cdvd ---> gigaherz
bios --->
system --->

Emulation settings :::
EE/IOP --->
VUs --->
GS --->
GS Window --->
Speedhacks --->
Game Fixes --->

I was reading somewhere in this forum that the fatal frame 3 cannot working another audio plugin, only with spu2-X.The game no perfect ... sometimes is little slow - 60 / 45-48 fps Wacko

But you solved my second problem Smile big thanks ... cmuk
Sigh... 7 different BIOS huh? you must really like collecting your PS2.
2nd warning for piracy.

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