problem with frame skip and VU skip
first post on this site Smile

My problem with frame skip and VU skip on Silent Hill 3 and on MGS3 is that whenever I enable either one the menus, loading screens, and some movies work just fine but when the actual game starts I get all this weird corruption on the screen ?? I have attached two pics of silent hill 3 with all the wierd corruption. I have all the speed hacks enabled also, but it doesn't matter if I disable them the corruption is still there. I tried the beta GSdx, I also tried using linuz ISO instead of reading the game disc, and I even disable sound thinking maybe that was the case. I have narrowed it down so far that it only starts displaying the corruption when frames are being skipped. Here are my system specs:

e5200 @ 3.8 Ghz
Sapphire 4830 with bios volt mod
Corsair vx450
500 GB hard drive
Windows 7 RC1 (I have a dual boot of XP and it did the same thing)
3 GB 667 RAM at 986

here are the pics

.zip (Size: 1,07 MB / Downloads: 233)

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try the latest beta (it doesn't have VUskip. You're not usng the latest one)
Alright!! I just downloaded the new Pcsx2 beta and applied frame skip and guess what? It F'in worked flawlessly! 60 fps! Thank you Saiki, you made my day Smile

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