problem with god of war 2 in steads of time section
i am having a bug in god of war in the battle with thesies i think his name was that. its the battle that is exactly after the 2nd pic show in the thread [Bug Report] God Of War 2 [PAL] by ragga95. i think stage name is steads of time . problem is that after skipping video in which karatose talking to the guy name i think thesies . i skipped video because game stopped workinh in end of the video. so [Bug Report] God Of War 2 [PAL] thread solved my problem. but my other problem starts there. the guy name thesies climbed on the building and instead of standing on ledege attacking me it goes far from there in back area. and not come forward as i think it stuck there. i plyed about 15min but game does not go further. if anyone having that kind of problem and solved it kindly inform me.

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hi, try this: after u skip video u go to savepoint and save there. then u restart game. it help me in some missionSmile
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thanks alot buddy for quick reply. and nice pic you have there rugal.Cool

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