problem with kingdom hearts one
hello people!

i'm not very good with english but i will try my best ok? Wink

i've got a problem with KH 1... with some graphic plugins like "ultimate" and "universal" and other which turns the screen smaller, the game (this is battle and walk/jump) runs ok, but in the cutscene in which sora is absorbed by the dark side (the very first battle), the camera focus on sora's eye and stucks, i mean... it stays freeze, if you understand me... Blush

which's the problem? can you help me solve it, please?
can you recomend me a good graphic plugin for KH 1, please?

lot of thanks!

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There are no plugins like "ultimate" and "universal". You probably downloaded some crap hacked build of PCSX2 with some bonus virus/trojans in it and a bios file. Yoou won't get support here for that kind of crap.
Either download the official releases from our site or go ask support from where you downloaded those.
[Image: newsig.jpg]

these are the graphic plugins i mean:

-Ultimate SS3 0.1.9
-Universe SS3 0.11.0 (sorry, i tought it was universal
-This is other which freeze too: Complex SS3 0.1.8

And with the ZeroGS it goes kinda slow, and more slow in the videos/cutscenes.

my machine:

-amd turoin dual-core 2.0 GHz
-w vista service pack 2
-3 GB
-geforce 8000serie (don't remember which exactly) 1 GB

I ASK YOU AGAIN: would you suggest me a good graphic plugin please?

Read my post again. All that CRAP is NOT in any PCSX2 released version from our site. Stop using hacked builds of PCSX2.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok ok!

i erased those hacked plugins.

AND I ASK FOT THE THIRD TIME: a good plugin for KH 1 PLEASE?

Describes all plugins there. You probably want GSdx but you would know that if you read the guide. All plugins you need are already included in our release packs.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
okay! thanks a lot!

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