problem with pcsx 2 1.2.1 full installer
i've downloaded the latest release of pcsx2, and then i run the installer. after checking component and click next, "pcsx2 recommends the AVG Toolbar to improve your internet connection" so i choose the Standard Installation which is the recommended one and click next, at the installation progress, first it stopped at Temp/AVGTBInstall.exe so i closed the installer, and i try to run it again, at the installation progress it stopped and it says Error opening file for writing. Abort, Retry, Ignore. So what am i supposed to do?

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Just download the lastest svn from here. That will give you a zip file that you just have to extract.
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Seems some files got corrupted and Windows is not being able to delete them so to rewrite from the installer (that file is probably in the temporary area). The AVG installation was kind of a contract with PCSX2 and made under the warranty the user can uninstall it without hassle at any time afterwards. If you don't have already an antivirus you might want to keep it.

A possible solution is trying the deletion of the temporary area but I believe you tried to install the emulator at the default C:\Program Files(x86) location and should never do it for any game, not only PCSX2 but any game, even the PC games.

Try installing the emulator somewhere else, like changing that path to something Like C:\PCSX2 and see if it flies.

Nobbs66 suggestion is valid as well but in this case you may need to download the MS updates of DirectX and Visual C++ runtime separately, what may be an inconvenience. The installer prompts you to it automatically.
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