problem with pcsx2
I'm completely new to pcsx2 and instead of spending ages messing around with stuff I thought i'd just ask for some help here.

This is the screen i'm getting as i'm trying to play any game (here is Kingdom Hearts).

[Image: randomscreen.jpg]

It'll show this screen for a few seconds then go back to the memory card/disc screen.
I'm running the latest version on vista. Anything else you need to know then ask. I have no idea what to do.

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"highly possible" is a bad disc or bad iso is this has the same error when running on the real ps2?
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do you run the game from disc or iso-file? whether the disc has scratches or the iso-file might be damaged. if you'er running from disc and it is in good condition you should use imgburn to make an iso-file of the disc. if it's an iso try to redo the rip. and use the internal CDVD loader instead of plugins.

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