problem with plugins in 1873 beta
Hello guys.Today I downloaded the new pcsx2 beta(the version with the installer which is recommended)but i have a problem with my plugins.
As you see in the screen i posted i can't find the gsdx plugins.Although there are in the plugins folder.
I tried reinstalling the beta,but this didn't help.
What can be wrong?

Also ZZogl.dll can't be found so i haven't used it yet.

P.S. Don't mind the pcsx2 needs to be configured message.The plugins missing problem also appears when i have done my config.

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Update your directx.It requires the one from august(d3dx9_42.dll,d3dx10_42.dll).And about ZZOgl,he need cg.dll and cgGL.dll
Great!It now works perfectly.Thank you very much vsub.

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