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problem with racing wheel
well, just today i got a logitech momo. so i whipped it out and plugged it in. works fine on dirt 2, nfs shift, grid, yeah but those arent emulated lol..

so i go to play initial D street stage, the reason i got teh wheel. and i noticed, theres like a deadzone when im playing. the wheel doesnt start turning until i move it about 5 degrees. then the sensitivity is out of wack and just moves the car to the side real fast. ive turned the deadzone off in all the settings for the wheel, and ive tried to lower sensitivity in lilypad, but that makes a bigger deadone. what is wrong is the when is to sensitive and all lilypad does is make a bigger deadzone.

does anyone have an idea how to fix this? SSSPSX Pad 1.7 doesnt work for me as the timer to set the button just automatically fills with J0_AXIS1_MAX and i cant input anything.

i think its something up with the analog as it seems as if it would be rapidly pressing the d-pad.

but when i turn turbo on, i get great results, its perfect, BUT the car doesnt turn fully even when the wheel is turned all the way around.

i will try beta plugins but if anyone has anything that can help e, please i really need some help. i cant go to the local arcade an afford 10bucks for unlimited initial d everyday

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