problem with screen edges flickering?
Hi guys, new to PCSX2 and i love it so far. I have tried to use the search function before posting, but i do not even know what to type for my kind of problem. I am currently playing Tales of the Abyss and i have installed the widescreen patch and also the KrossX patch of the game. When i play the game, the screen's edges kind of "flicker/blink". The game is playable, but its annoying to see the edges flicker all the time. If anyone can guide me to how to fix this problem, i will greatly appreciate it.

My rig:
Intel Core i5-3570k @ 3.40gz
8 gigs of ram
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
geforce 560Ti

Emulator settings: Using latest version
Config is exactly like this one,
except I'm using D11 hardware instead of D9

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If the flickering area is small, you can avoid it by zooming the GS window. Press ctrl+ numblock + to zoom.

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