problem with suikoden tactics
im still having problem with the book thing i did apply the patches did it step by step even made the .pnach this one:

Files Name : 1CC39DBD.pnach
gametitle=Suikoden Tactic
comment=Skips Video (sceMpegIsEnd)
//Skip Videos


gametitle=Suikoden Tactics
comment=Skips Video (sceMpegIsEnd)
//Skip Videos

first i made a notepad and pasted the gametitle til 24020001
im pretty sure my version goes for 1cc39dbd.pnach

my main problem i think is. this msg keeps going on: i think it doesnt load the patches: i did tick the apply patches in the misc:

xml loader returned an error. trying to load a pnach...
gametitle: suikoden tactics
comment: skips video (sceMpegIsEnd)
patchnumber: 1
cdvd.key = 94,69,95,39,ED,00,01

i can't seem to find the problem. can someone help me?
i keep getting stucked at the book part at the start. if someone with a save state could provide me with one i think that would gladly help. thanks and godbless.Wacko

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