problem with the first Disgaea.
So... the Game has been running perfectly on my e8500 with 9800GTX card,and latest official beta version of PCX2 until I reached the Blair forest, Calamity Woods . When I try to access that area the game freezes. I Googlesearched the issue and learned that it was a known issue that had to do with the use of save states.

But I have been using save states only because when I try to save normally in my game I get access to memory card has failled.

I don't want to start the game again. Can you provide a way to save the game normally in my version of the game, or is there a way I can download a saved game from somewhere and use it with the emulator ? I would like if it was about the same place that I am right now. Meaning I wouldn't want to access a saved state or a memmory file where it is at the final stage of the game.

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BTW I posted here and not at the bug report forum because as I understood the rules, you aren't supposed to post known issues there. I am sorry if I was wrong about posting it here.
this is the right place to post.
now, have a look there :
maybe you'll find what you neeD.

About savestates : don't use them as you would use normal saves (with memcards).
savestates may be easily corrupted, aren't compatible through versions (or rarely) and may lead to crashes when loading.
better show us your config settings, pcsx2 version, etc... any useful info that could let us help you about those problems in saving onto memcards.

Oh, & BTW :
Quote:Can you provide a way to save the game normally in my version of the game
you never told us what is the version of your game.
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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I used search thread Disgaea and I couldn't find any Disgaea file there, and I tried looking the thread my self manually and I couldn't find any Disgaea file.

So I have Windows Vista directX11, and

Plugins are :GDX 2817 SSE41

lilypad svn(r2591)


CDVD Gigarherz

and everything else default.
My version as I said is the latest beta.

When I said version of the game I meant "the part where I currently am using a saved state".
I guess my use of the savestates was the reason I can't access the memory card there. But I can access it when I create a new game and save in that one.

So there is no way to save the game normally, using the save game in the menu, without using a save state in my current part of the game ? I hope I am phrasing this correctly. I want in my current save state to save on the memory card . Now I am getting a "accessing the memory card failed" message.

Or is there a different way to avoid the Calamity Woods, Blair forest bug ?

Right now I think my best bet would be starting again... Oh well...

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