problem with the need for speed saga
hello! i have discovered this fantasdtic world of emulation!!
i play with playstation 1 and now with pcsx2! however i tried gta san andreas ,, god of war 1 and 2.. tekken 5..they work perfectly.. but i have tried need for speed underground 2.. and most wanted.. they had a low fps about 10 15 and there are unplayable.. there is a solution?? thanks and sorry for bad english.
my pc windows 7 64 bit ultimate
intel i3 2105
4 gb ram
plugin video
3d9 hardware
solution native

thanks a lot..

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the need for speed games are not properly-emulated on PCSX2 yet.
PCSX can run NFSU2, but you need more than just a dual core#1, you should get the best gpu you can#2, go into gsdx plugin settings and set skipdraw to 1#3, go to core gx settings, enable frameskiping, and set draw to 1 and skip to 2#4. Game runs a bit choppy and menus are not at full speed, but gameplay runs at full speed.

Hope this helpsSmile.

Oh, and use the SSE 4.1 gsdx plugin, works best for HW graphics

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