problem with the torrent-tracker of
Hello, in my opinion, the tracker for downloads the videos ( ) do not working.
My torrent-client(Bit Torrent 6.3) write the error: “Failure: Tracker error: can't connect to database. Contact the webmaster.”
I downloaded some videos with DHT, but during the download other videos(among the *.torrent-files that I downloaded), client cannot connect with any seeder.
And I can't download videos that most interest me: FF12, Tekken 4 :-( …
If I'll be able to download these videos, then I'll be very happy, and of course I will seed them. =)

P.S. Or tracker still works, and problem is in something else? (But I'm sure that problem with the tracker, because: I downloaded 6.2% of tek4.avi a few months ago from peer who had about 50% of progress(At this time I had other download(s), and the peer quickly disconnected). Recently, the other peer connect to me with DHT and downloaded from me those 6.2% only. I think that peer try to download from link of, I searched this torrent in other trackers or a that file in internet, but I did not find it.)

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No the tracker is down for quite some time now sorry. Those videos are pretty ancient anyway Tongue
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