problem with usb joypad in playing KINGDOMHEARTS
before ,i was using the lilypad plugin because i have no usb joystick,so i use the keyboard,and i can play KH. then i bought a usb joystick,it works for all my games like ffx bloody roar and other,no problem with the joystick

then i tried to play KH and see if my joystick works and it does the buttons response with the game like cross,triangle,square L1's end does work

but the problem is in kingdom hearts

the left analog stick is supposed to be for moving around, and the dpads are for the menu..(while ingame)but when i play, kh treats my left analog stick as dpad and my dpad as left analog stick,,i can move with my left analog stick but it also trigers the dpads and and that should not happen,they both must be independent with each other.its like in KH dpad and left analog stick has same function,but it shouldnt be,when i try again my keyboard and set left analog directions with different keyboard buttons and my dpad also with different buttons all works,,

please help,i wann play this with my usb joystickk

note:i haveno problem using the usb pad with my other games
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