problem with xenosaga 1 (usa version)
I have the ISO version of Xenosaga episode one the game plays perfectly but on the save area's if i try to save the game it crashes to the memory card and disc screen of a normal PS2. Any help and hopefully a solution would be very appreciated.

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Savestate before any save attempt so you can continue in case of crash.
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It is well known that some savemachines in XS1 are bugged in the beginning, now I don't know which ones, but search on the forums here and you'll might find which ones they are. I had this issue aswell when I first started playing XS1, thought it was a bug of PCSX2, but apparently it's a bug of the game WITH PCSX2 (Can be wrong though).
That's true, this game is one you MUST do a save state before using those save points due to the risk of being thrown into the PS2 BIOS screen losing all the advances.

That's a long time known bug to what a solution was never found, and at this point I believe most have forget it already. Besides that's the only game it happens (to what I know) and the cause is a lot obscure and may not be worthy to be put under high priority just yet.
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I thought this only happened when your where using a modified version of xenosaga ? One that was split in several dvd...
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Nope also happens with the Single Disc version Smile

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