problems running NFSMW on pcsx2
I've set up everything in the right way, i think, because before i wasnt able to run the starting ps2 screen (that with "broswer" and another options below), and now i'm able to see the game running, but at the initial screen of need for speed most wanted i had problems: in fact, the game stopped to work and all i had to do was to kill the pcsx2 process..then i tried to enable the patch for skipping videos in most wanted and then i came up with another problem: the one you see in the image

Runtime error!
Program: C:\blablabla\pcsx2.exe

- pure virtual function call

UPDATE: now i'm trying the zerogs video plugin and the zerogs KOSMOS plugin and it doesn't came up with the same error, but it crashes anyway..without saying anything..

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You're lucky 'cause by chance I happen to know what NFSMW means! Smile

Bad news is that the NFS series is badly supported right now, and can't be considered playable.
But you could try DD2, awesome game and it works! Tongue2
Oh..bad news Sad anyways, what's DD2?

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