problems with gsdx and sse3 and 4
hey everyone

i've downloaded the latest version of gsdx (3623)

but if i select the ss3 or ss4 version, it says my cpu doesnt support sse3 or 4,

but the internet and cpuz says, sse3 and 4 is supported

when i use the gsdx 890 plugin, it'll let me select sse 3 and 4
but when i'll start the game, the same failure message appears Sad

what is the problem here? i don't have any clue Sad

i've attached 2 screenshots. maybe you can help me?

sorry for the bad englisch

greetings from germany

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sse3 is not ssse3 and sse4a is not sse4.1
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i see..

so my cpu doesn't support the sse or ssse whatever of the emulator? Sad
It only supports SSE2 and not SSSE3 or SSE4, so simply use the SSE2 version of GSdx.
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hmm okay, but when i use the sse2 version, i can't use pixel shader 3.0 Sad
What do you mean?

SSE instructions have nothing to do with pixel shader you can use.
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Pixel shader depends on your GPU. If it doesn't show up, it doesn't support it.
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my gpu does support it,

when i select the sse3 plugin, i can select the pixel shader version, but when i select the sse2 plugin, there isn't even a option to select the pixel shader
Quote:my gpu does support it,
Yet you still haven't mentioned what GPU you have....also make sure your DirectX is up to date ( June 2010)
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A guess, you're using dx11 with sse2 plugin and dx9 with other, that explain it since the option is disabled in DX11.

Post screenshot of gsdx here to clear things up.

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