process won't close
Hey guys. I'm having a problem.

I'm setting up a number of emulators through my media centre. Each game entry on my media centre runs a batch file which does the following.

-runs xpadder (to bind a gamepad button to exit the emulator)
-runs emulator with specified game and waits until process closes
-closes xpadder

This has worked with other emulators I've set up, but I'm having a problem with PCSX2. The game will close but the process won't quit unless I manually close it in task manager. Since the process doesn't close my batch script won't progress and it just sits there.

I'm running PCSX2 with --nogui if that matters at all. I've googled the problem and I see a number of people with the same issue but I haven't found a resolution. Is there a fix?


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Hi there Smile
If you trying this on XBMC,good idea to ask this question on XBMC forums
Also here
You trying to run PCSX2 in environment not supported by developers i believe.
I'm launching from Steam

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